The Certified SC Grown program is a cooperative effort between producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers and the South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA) to promote South Carolina products. The program’s goal is to make it easy for consumers to identify, find and buy South Carolina products.

And, because, distribution, legislation and regulations, as well as public perception and awareness, all  impact the sustainability and growth of agribusiness, the SCDA has partnered with public and private partners to help and keep agriculture sustainable and profitable.

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Become a Certified SC Grown member

All farms, food manufacturers, specialty food producers and packing facilities, as well as entities that create/manufacture non-food-related products, in South Carolina can apply to become Certified SC Grown members.

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Fresh on the Menu was established to improve local economies and increase the per capita income of rural South Carolinians. Part of the program includes restaurants that prepare menus that include at least 25% Certified SC Grown, in-season foods and products. Not only are local foods tastier and healthier, sourcing from local farmers helps minimize our carbon footprint.

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